Hello- it's Shanna!

Get to know a little bit more here


I am so glad you have found yourself here in my little corner of the internet. I hope our paths cross and that I am able to serve as your photographer soon!

I am based out of Canton, Georgia, and I serve as a wedding and portrait photographer in the North Georgia region. Western North Carolina is my "second home" and am thrilled whenever the opportunity comes for me to visit there- so if you want to elope or get married in WNC- please invite me to come :)

The mountains mean everything to me, and a huge part of my passion for photography lies in the ability to showcase the beauty of nature in my photography. If you want to get married on the edge of a mountain, in a valley, or anything in between, I will be there with energy and enthusiasm to guide you.

The goal for my photography is to create images that are colorful, joyful, timeless, and capture the moment exactly how it was. That means there will be plenty of candid images, details, and directed images in your gallery. I want these images to last for generations, with the joy and celebration of your love shining as most important.

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What's in my bag?

If you are interested in photography gear and nerdy like me, I shoot with all Nikon equipment. My main bodies are both Nikon full frame bodies (D800 and D600) that are my workhorses during the wedding day. I am also a prime lens lover- so most of my work that you see are done with either a 50mm or 85mm lens. Flashes, diffusers, and soft boxes are also in my bag!

Other fun things

My background other than photography lies primarily as a music therapist. My work as a therapist has given me many skills that have helped with my photography journey such as working with children, directing people clearly, projecting my voice, having high levels of energy and enthusiasm throughout the day, and much more. I suppose if your band doesn't show up, I can serve also as your live entertainment.

I live in Canton, Georgia with my husband, son, and Australian Shepherd named Kenai. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see them featured often. They are my whole world I love them so much!

I have performed in London, England. I love planners and I love the mornings. I have a huge heart for animals. I love Jesus. I have ran 2 marathons and completed a half iron. When we become friends I usually invite you to run with me!

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I am so thrilled you are here to get to know me a little more. I love messages so please leave a comment or fill out my contact form so that I can say hello back. I would love to hear more about you and your vision for your wedding or family photography session.

Please let me know if I can do anything at all for you!