From the heart of Marietta, Georgia...

When Darcy and Todd contacted me to photograph their wedding, I was THRILLED to learn it was going to be held in Marietta Square, right in the heart of Marietta, Georgia. They had contacted the city to reserve the pavilion and wanted a small, intimate ceremony with their closest family and friends. Marietta Square is a special place for me, because it was the place of me and my now-husband's first kiss! I immediately said yes, I couldn't wait to get to know Darcy and Todd more! 

From our conversations before the wedding...

I knew that Darcy, Todd, and their children wanted their love with each other, their family, and their friends to shine as the most important on their wedding day. I learned about how close Darcy was with her mom, and I learned that Todd had life-long friends coming in to town from California to celebrate with them. I knew that capturing memories with these people were going to be very important to them, so I made sure to keep my eyes open all day for special moments with these people. 

The ceremony began in the afternoon.

Todd met Darcy at the edge of Marietta Square, and they walked together to the pavilion where their friends and family were waiting. They exchanged the most beautiful vows, and the weather was absolutely perfect. I loved watching the love and expressions on everyone's face as Darcy and Todd made their promises to each other, God, and to their children about joining their family together as one. Todd even stepped back and addressed Darcy's children directly, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house! ... or, square rather. 

After the ceremony,

we took some family photos and then spent some time with bride and groom photographs around the square. These moments of just the bride and groom are so important! (well, with me there too of course! :)

We made our way across the street

to the reception at Mac's Chophouse. Darcy and Todd went right into their first dance, and dances with their children. They had a beautiful cake by Kat of Kat Lush Cakery, and dinner was served! Their reception was full of moments with Darcy and Todd's family and friends, but one of my favorite parts was when Todd pulled me aside and said, I'm going to sing to her! He had a special song prepared that went with a gift of lyrics in a frame for their new home they will share together. Everyone loved it! 

I had a blast photographing Darcy and Todd's wedding in Marietta, Georgia. Congratulations to you both and I wish you nothing but the best!

Shanna Blackburn Photography

Marietta Square, GeorgiA

Macs ChopHouse

Lush Cakery